Our correspondent in Nicaragua is Mr. Urbina, with over has 30 years of experience in the shipping business, which includes over a decade of seafaring including a three year experience as a super-cargo on vessels and ten years as manager of an agency of Societe Generale de Surveillance, S.A., a Geneva based marine surveying firm. In 1990 he founded Universal Transport Co. (Unitrans); the company conducts steamship agency & cargo brokerage businesses, operates an international and domestic trucking service and offers consulting on freight and project logistics. Thus, he is highly experienced and knowledgeable on marine matters.

MCA-Managua’s main office is in Nicaragua’s capital, Managua City. The company maintains an office at Puerto Corinto (Pacific), which is 45 minutes away from Managua. Affiliate offices are maintained in Bluefields (Caribbean) and Puerto Cabezas (Caribbean). The company’s office staff is a highly qualified and experienced team. Because of its extensive marine operations, the company maintains excellent relations with the country’s port authorities, which is crucial in Nicaragua for the flow of vital information. This experience has been valuable to our P&I and vessel owner customers.

Office staff includes Lourdes Urbina with 10 years’ experience in logistics and operations; she is chief coordinator of cargo damages and crew member assistance. Alexander Hil, engineer, with 9 years’ experience in ship logistics and operations, he is in charge of coordination in the Ports in the Caribbean Sea of Nicaragua.

Bruno Augusto Urbina Castellon: Lourdes Yoleira Urbina Castellon: Address: Phone:
(505) 5704 9893 (24 Hours)
(505) 5828 3836
KM 7 Carretera Norte
Gasolinera UNO, 8 C. al Sur 1/2 C Abajo
Managua, Nicaragua
(505) 2240 1242

Mobile: (505) 7779 6832
(505) 5704 9893

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New Orleans Headquarters
Carl Ayestas, Jr.
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