Maritime Claims Administrators, LLC, (MCA), a bonded U.S.A. corporation, with headquarters in New Orleans, has established the fastest growing claim service provider in Latin America, at port side, to be there for our clients when you need us.

Our MCA LinkNetwork provides unified, responsible, swift, efficient and economical marine and related incident solutions.

When an event occurs in Latin America that requires your attention, MCA LinkNetwork will immediately connect you at the incidents site.

It is the philosophy of MCA that all claims be handled efficiently and at the lowest level appropriate to the circumstances.

Pursuant to this philosophy, it is intended that most claims be resolved solely with the involvement of the local commercial correspondent at the scene.

However, in more serious and urgent situations and with the approval of our clients, MCA is able to quickly put together a team of legal professionals, surveyors and expert professionals in the countries of occurence and in the United States of America.

In certain circumstances, MCA may request the approval from the client to appoint a law firm that can assist in selecting a firm from a selection of international firms that are well known throughout Central and South America.

MCA’s LinkNetwork Correspondents have the connections, know-how and links to provide you with the most cost –efficient service for any type of claim service you require. You can count on MCA’s great level of service.