MCA’s Mission is to prevent small problems from becoming large ones and to contain large ones in a manner that minimizes overall liability exposure to our clients. Our correspondents are experienced and constantly being transferred “know-how” through seminars and hands-on training.

MCA’s correspondents provide rapid response when an incident occurs and accurately report the circumstances to our clients. They undertake containment activity in order to minimize overall exposure, and seek a prompt and cost-effective resolution of claims.

This requires individuals on the local level with the necessary “know how” to immediately investigate an incident large or small – keeping the client fully informed from the outset of the reported claim.

In addition, our local correspondents have developed personal relationships with decision makers in their respective countries, so that matters involving local port authorities, customs authorities, environmental agencies, police and medical situations can be promptly resolved.

Service providers such as surveyors, hospitals, doctors, hotel and transportation agents, etc., have been clearly instructed to provide the best possible service at the lowest cost to our clients. Our 20+ years of experience and volume guarantees our clients the best arrangements possible.

Maritime Claims – Americas (MCA) has issued an Anti-Bribery Policy and Compliance Procedure which has been executed by all of our correspondent offices, and clearly outlines its positions on preventing and prohibiting bribery, corruption or any type of illegal act. This is all in accordance with the United Kingdom Bribery Act of 2010 or any Anti-Bribery Act or Corruption Actt now in place or that might be introduced in the future by any country where we do business.

MCA is commited to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all of its business activities. As a result, every employee, officer, correspondent, agent and third party acting on MCA’s behalf is responsible for maintaining MCA’s reputation and for conditioning an ethical honest and professional manner which is constantly being monitored.