Our experienced correspondent office in El Salvador is headed by Mr. Milton Guillen,an international port service agent for many years. Milton has developed a high performance and experienced organization in El Salvador; this is his base for a successful and trustworthy operation.

MCA’s LinkNetwork is proud to count on Milton’s years of experience and knowledge of Port Service logistics and contacts.

MCA’s correspondent for El Salvador maintains a strong import/export customer base and a highly esteemed professional reputation in this competitive industry. Milton’s expertise in operating conditions and strong relationships with local government and industry entities ensures our clients that their best interests are maintained and protected.

MCA offers a dedicated service to provide unified, responsible, swift, efficient and economical marine and related incident solutions. Your requirements in El Salvador are in good hands. We now offer our services in the new Puerto La Unión Centroamericana.

Email Address: Phone: Fax:

Operations Building
CEPA, First Level
Acajutla, El Salvador
El Salvador +(503)

(503) 2452 4792
(503) 2452 5117

After hours:
(503) 2452 3447
(503) 2452 4235

Milton Guillen: (503) 7853 4140

Guillermo Polio: (503) 7850 1160

Jonathan Vides: (503) 7744 9241

(503) 2452 5117

Or Please Contact:

New Orleans Headquarters
Carl Ayestas, Jr.
+1 (504) 390 1515 or (504) 289 4272