Mario Tager and his Tager Team are an organization that has been involved in Maritime activities for two generations. Mario began at CAT an international steamship company for his first 7 years; on to working at the Concord Line for 13 years, then to AMARSA who were agents of Dole, Sea Barge and King Oceanic for 5 yrs.

Then in 2004, it was time to go on his own and with his sons, daughter-in-law Michelle and the rest of the Tager Team started Asinter, S.A, publishing Maritime and Cargo Consolidation information as well as being Agents of Global Trade, Piers Inc. and Speed Cargo.

In 2013, the Tager Team joined the MCA organization and began an intensive course at the New Orleans Headquarters to provide our clients with excellent, unique, professional and cost effective services for which the MCA international organization is now worldwide recognized.

The Tagers have since then created an extraordinary link of service providers in Guatemala; including surveyors, transports, medical and logistical persons who have been duly trained and instructed on the principles of MCA: cost effectiveness and expediency with the highest of integrity; and, for Crew Members being served for medical assistance, considerate and swift action.

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Mario Tager:

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3 Calle 8-76 Zona 8 Mixco,
Boulevard Principaal San Cristobal,
Centro Empresarial San Cristobal
Nivel 1, Oficina 302, Guatemala CityCompany: PUBLIMEX
Mario Tager: (502) 5753 8042
Mobile:(502) 5753 8042Michelle Tager: (502) 4010 3158
Christian Tager: (502) 4010 2084
Estuardo Tager: (502) 4010 1646After Hours: (502) 4010 3158
(502) 227 7100
(502) 223 1657

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New Orleans Headquarters
Carl Ayestas, Jr.
+1 (504) 390 1515 or (504) 289 4272