For well over a decade, Maritime Claims Administrators, LLC, (MCA) has provided our clients with efficient and cost-conscious assistance and coordination for crew members – whether dealing with injuries suffered aboard or when the CM has returned home after illness for medical attention and monitoring.

Our organization has developed extraordinary expertise in the three areas that determine the successful culmination of each individual case.

First – Establishing a courteous relationship with the crew member to assure him/her that the best options in medical treatment will be provided. MCA’s Link Network is always available to meet his/her needs with any collateral services authorized and within the parameters dictated by the client.

Second – MCA’s LinkNetwork has dedicated special care to closely supervise costs by negotiating long-term services and conditions with reliable providers. Thus, MCA has achieved the best rates available for transportation, hotel, hospital, medical treatments and attention without sacrificing the quality, human relations and strategic management that our clients expect. MCA’s LinkNetwork is always striving for continuous excellence.

Third – MCA is aware that our mission is to expedite MMI for all medical management cases entrusted to us and at the same time provide the best medical and personal attention to each crew member. Just as important is that we coordinate communication between the client and the crew member and that each one of MCA’s staff be duly trained, as they are, to follow instructions from the case managers so that all actions taken by MCA are carried out with the appropriate authorization and timely manner.

MCA’s headquarters closely monitors these cases by overseeing from New Orleans each case as it develops. Simultaneously, MCA’s administrative and accounting procedures ensure that our clients receive prompt and comprehensive billing with the appropriate backups for each case.